Who we are

Photo by Kyle Keilman

Indigo-  Queer human, World Citizen. 

The Rainbows- inner voices, outer people, instruments and inspiration conspiring together to express universal truths through music.

Poetry and music have been places of refuge for me, where I process through my experience, find voice for my emotions, comment on what is happening in the world and reach out to connect with others.  

My journey has been one of healing from trauma, learning to live in joy upon the Earth, and becoming a person of peace- the alchemy of turning sh*t into gold.

I seek to share a practice of rigorous honesty through my writing- creating and performing music and poetry that resonate with truth and are accessible to all;  a kind of honesty and beauty that soothes pain and keeps emotions flowing to prevent “scar tissue”  from forming on our individual and collective souls.

My songs and poems name, map and sometimes resolve these hurts, they act as antidotes to the long term harm of denial.

I am taking this time of quarantine to re-emerge as a singer songwriter and performing artist.