What is an artist’s residency?

It is a time dedicated to art as a main occupation, not a hobby, not something to do after work and other obligations….

It is taking artistic expression seriously, as a process, not just a means to an outcome to be marketed and consumed (although that’s OK too…) it is an acknowledgement that pursuing one’s passion is the thing to do!

INDIGO AND THE RAINBOWS is what is being birthed from a lifelong pregnancy!

The time to emerge is NOW!

I have been in an extended period of retreat and residency since August 2019. During September 2019 I engaged in a formal residency- being hosted and empowered to write, play, and perform music at the Free Time Book House in Bellows Falls Vermont, in collaboration with my dear sibling Sam Burhoe- a working artist and musician.

I have declared and embraced my identity as a World Citizen, open to traveling and sharing my gifts. As a music educator for many years, I have also begun to consult and coach budding song writers and singers.

Please reach out if you wish to host a residency- it can be a few days, weeks or months long, support periods of pure creativity, opportunities to perform, collaborate with other musicians, and teach songwriting classes; and can take place virtually anywhere!