I feel you
just beyond the boundary
reaching to me or maybe just
witnessing or maybe
I'm making it up to justify how I feel

Maybe I am conjuring you up
because I lost my God
and I feel more exposed and alone
so desolate
maybe I need someone to care about me more
then I care about myself
and you always did

I have lost my way, my home, or it lost me
but either way I don't see it
I don't know what to do or how to be
or even who I am now

You gave me so much more than a sense of belonging
You gave me a reason to want to belong
                                                                              April 2020

They may be coming for me
One day
To live out loud means to be seen
you could become a target
But until that moment
when they come to silence me

September 2019

Life is not a duckling line to be counted and re-called
These are just concentric circles in the pond that is my life
Be the pebble
Pebble in the pond
Even when I am alone
Which I am not
On the Earth
  September 2019

             All is Well

The water of compassion
trickling gently through the bedrock
                                                                of grief
the collapsed parts of soul
against pain and loss
depressed and stuck like armor
around the beating heart of 

Can't break or tear this
without causing more damage to self

Patience is 
allowing the waters of joy, forgiveness and compassion
                                                                                                  for self
to slowly break down
the protective skin
and nourish the new growth 

Stop picking at scabs
and trust that healing is taking place beneath them
That something new and fresh is emerging
That timing is what it needs to be
that nothing is lost or wasted
in this existence
That it is all a re-cycling 
of energy that has been here for eons 
and always will

Surrender, surrender
Allow, allow
All is wholeness 
if you take a wide enough perspective
                                                                  All is well.

                                                                          July 2019